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Real Estate School in Pennsylvania

Plans to Become a Pennsylvania Realtor

  • Finish both Fundamental and Practice courses. Pass both course Exam tests.
  • Use the transcript you receive, and a designated form, to apply for and take the state licensing exam.
  • The exam is offered at approved centers or via webcam proctoring.
  • It costs $49 every time to take the exam.
  • It consists of 120 questions divided into two sections. You have 3 hours to complete it. You must pass each section with a score of 75 or higher.
  • You’ll learn immediately at the testing center/online whether you passed, or must re-take the licensing exam.
  • If you pass, you’ll receive a receipt. Keep it to claim your license.
  • Remember, you must pass a criminal background check to verify your license eligibility, and you must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • You must be affiliated with a real estate broker in PA who will serve as your legal supervisor.
  • You’ll interview with brokers as you would for any other job. Be comfortable with the broker you choose.
  • The state will mail your license to your broker. Now you can start work!
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Easy Real Estates Classes Online Classes is dedicated to helping individuals enter the real estate industry by equipping them with the important industry-related knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the competitive field.

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